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The Circle Line is a new, 17 mile subway line, that would benefit millions. The entire route would be outside of downtown Boston, and would connect all rapid transit lines, several commuter rail lines, and numerous bus routes. It would be built deep underground to minimize disruption to streets, businesses, and homes.

For the first time in over 100 years, we would have a modern, reliable, fully functional, fast metro line that we all would enjoy riding. Its impact would be felt not just by subway riders, but by bus and commuter rail riders, motorists, bicyclists, and even pedestrians. The Circle Line would single-handedly transform our transportation network into one that is capable of handling our population's current demands while also allowing for continued growth.

Circle Line
Boston deserves a better public transportation system!

Anyone who takes the T regularly knows just how painful it is. Complaints echoed by many include: "it takes forever to get anywhere on the T", "the trains and buses are packed", "it doesn't take you where you need to go", "the T is always late", "the bus/train didn't come."


If you've traveled to any city around the world that has a transit system, you realize just how inadequate the T is. Cities from Madrid to Montreal, Saint Petersburg to Shenzhen, Tehran to Tokyo provide efficient, fast, reliable transit to their citizens. Even here in the US, New York, Chicago, and DC all have transit systems far superior to ours.

How is it that in one of the wealthiest cities in the richest country on Earth, we have one of the worst transit systems?


Well, enough is enough! We're disgusted with having to sit in traffic every morning and evening, moving 2 feet per minute. We're sick and tired of waiting 5 cycles to get through a traffic light. We're fed up with having to fight our way on a subway car, only to have it crawl along at 3 miles per hour and stall for 15 minutes between stations.

We must make fixing the T our top priority. We must invest significantly in new transit projects. We must demand major changes that will drastically boost the availability and efficiency of public transportation for everyone.

For our sake, for the future of our city, and for the continued prosperity of this entire region, we have to fix the T!

Following significant completion of the Circle Line, three more transit projects would need to be built to meet our region's transportation demands:

  1. Extend the Orange Line 7 miles west from Forest Hills to Needham.

  2. Convert the Fairmount Line into a rapid transit line, and extend the line south to Westwood and Dedham.

  3. Extend the Blue Line 4 miles north to Lynn and build a second branch through Chelsea and Everett to Saugus.

Other Projects

The Green Line is the worst performing subway line of the T. It is extremely slow and chronically late. According to the MBTA's own statistics, the Green Line is on-time just 75% of the time; the target is 90%. A mix of minor and major improvements on the Green Line would greatly enhance service on the T's most embarrassing subway line.

Green Line Upgrades

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