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Other Projects

It's been planned for over 90 years. It's time to make the Blue Line to Lynn a reality. Additionally, the cities of Chelsea and Everett are in desperate need of rapid transit - we need to build a second branch of the Blue Line starting at Airport Station and continuing north through Chelsea and Everett to a new terminus in Saugus.

It's time to resume progress on the Fairmount Line Conversion project. The 9 mile railroad through Dorchester and Roxbury must be converted to rapid transit. And we must build two southern extensions of the line to Westwood and Dedham to provide transit service to the burgeoning mini-cities of University Station and Legacy Place.

Roslindale and West Roxbury are 2 of only 3 neighborhoods in Boston without a rapid transit line. We need to extend the Orange Line from Forest Hills west through Roslindale and West Roxbury to a new terminus in Needham, thereupon eliminating the Needham Commuter Rail Line.

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