• LENGTH. The Circle Line would be a 17-mile long rapid transit line, connecting all 4 subway lines (including all 4 branches of the Green Line), the Silver Line, 66 different bus routes, and 7 commuter rail lines. 


  • STATIONS. There would be 20 underground stations, all meeting ADA accessibility requirements with escalators and elevators. The average distance between stations would be 0.85 miles.


  • TIME. The total time to complete one loop would be 51 minutes.

  • SPEED. Including time spent stopped at stations, the average speed would be 20 mph.


  • CAR TYPE. Similar to the Red Line, subway cars would be heavy rail design, powered by third rail, operating in 6 car sets.

  • SCHEDULE. Consistent with the rest of the rapid transit lines, trains would operate in both directions every 5 minutes during weekday rush hours, and every 9-15 minutes during off-peak hours, with the first trip around 5:30 AM and the last trip around 12:30 AM.

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