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The benefits of the Circle Line would be significant and far reaching:

  1. The Circle Line would greatly improve commuting times for hundreds of thousands of existing T riders by helping everyone get to their destination faster - and not just subway riders - bus and Commuter Rail riders too.

  2. By making the T a more viable option for everyone, it would bring thousands more onto the T, taking vehicles off the roads, thereby alleviating congestion, cutting down on pollution, and reducing wear and tear on our crumbling roads.

  3. It would provide new rapid transit service to tens of thousands of residents in Allston, Cambridge, Charlestown, Dorchester, Somerville, and South Boston who currently rely on inadequate busing or private transport.

  4. It would be a catalyst for private development along the 17 mile corridor. With a subway line that people can actually rely on and enjoy riding, residents, businesses, and stores would flock to the new Circle Line stations.

  5. It would allow Boston to compete with the rest of the world that values quality public transportation. No longer would the T be a reason to stay away - the Circle Line would entice people to move in.

Boston is a much different city than it was 100 years ago when the subways were first built.

No longer is downtown Boston the only place where people commute to. Major "people centers" are scattered around the region: Assembly Square, the Longwood Medical Area, the Seaport District, etc. People are struggling to get to these places using the existing system. Combine a commuter rail ride, a subway transfer, a bus or two, and a walk - it's no wonder people ditch the T for their car. And with everyone in their cars, along with all the buses, trucks, bikes and pedestrians, it takes forever to get anywhere. The problem is exacerbated by the continued growth of each of these centers.

Imagine traveling from...

  • Brighton Landing to Logan Airport in 22 minutes

  • Harvard Square to Logan Airport in 17 minutes

  • Bunker Hill Street (Charlestown) to Logan Airport in 6 minutes

  • Inman Square to the Seaport District in 20 minutes

  • Coolidge Corner to the Seaport District in 18 minutes

  • East Broadway (South Boston) to the Longwood Medical Area in 12 minutes

  • JFK/UMass to the Longwood Medical Area in 8 minutes

  • Ruggles to the Longwood Medical Area in 2 minutes


Can do!!...on the Circle Line.

Why We Need the Circle Line

A Far Cry From 1910
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