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The Circle Line would be the MBTA's 5th rapid transit line, and 1st since the Red Line opened in 1912. It would be a 17 mile loop, roughly 2 - 4 miles outside of downtown Boston, connecting the neighborhoods of Charlestown, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Roxbury, Fenway, Allston, and the cities of Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. Ridership would be around 300,000 per weekday, with the potential to grow to 400,000.

Circle Line


The Circle Line would have 20 underground stations. Trains would operate in both directions every 5-15 minutes.


50 years from now, people will be wondering how we ever got around without the Circle Line.


The majority of the construction would be done underground. Disruption to roads, homes, and businesses would be minimal.


The Circle Line would be an expensive project. It would likely cost in the range of $14.5B - $18.7B.


The anticipated total time to complete the project would likely be 10 years from the start of initial planning.

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