E-Line Terminus

The 0.67 mile section of the E-Line between Brigham Circle and Heath Street is the slowest part of the Green Line and the entire MBTA. There are 6 stations, spaced 0.11 miles apart. The average speed is just 5.7 mph!


It's no surprise this is the slowest stretch, since it operates in mixed traffic - the only such place in Boston. The roadway routinely jams up with cars, buses, trucks, bikes, pedestrians, and MBTA trolleys all trying to squeeze through 2 lanes at the same time.

Terminating the E-Line at Brigham Circle...

  1. Reduces delays on the rest of the E-Line.

  2. Eliminates a major safety hazard with pedestrians trying to board the trolleys in the middle of Huntington Avenue.

  3. Has no significant impact on T riders as each of the stops between Brigham Circle and Heath Street are already serviced by the route 39 bus, which runs frequently between Back Bay and Jamaica Plain.