Reduce # of Stops

A big reason for the poor performance of the B-line is that it stops far too often.  Currently, there are 19 stations on the B-line. The total distance from Boston College to Kenmore is 4.1 miles, which means the average distance between stops is 0.23 miles. Some stations are just 0.14 miles apart, e.g. Warren & Allston, Babcock & Pleasant, St. Paul & BU West. 

To speed up the B-line, we must significantly reduce the number of stops. 8 stops must be eliminated: Blandford, BU Central, St. Paul, Babcock, Griggs St, Warren, combine Sutherland with Chiswick, and combine South St with Chestnut Hill Ave. This would bring the total number of stations down to 11, and improve the average distance between stops to 0.41 miles.


The C-line stops just as frequently as the B-line. Currently, there are 14 stations on the C-line. The total distance from Cleveland Circle to Kenmore is 2.9 miles, which means the average distance between stops is 0.22 miles. One pair of stations is just 0.11 miles apart: Fairbanks Street & Brandon Hall. 

To speed up the C-line, we must eliminate 6 stops: Hawes, St. Paul, Tappan St, Englewood, and merge Summit, Brandon Hall, and Fairbanks together. The total number of stations would be reduced to 8, and the average distance between stops would increase to a much more acceptable 0.41 miles.


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